Effects of bioactive principles from stem bark extract of Quassia amara, Quassin and 2-methoxycanthine-6-one, on haematological parameters in albino rats

  • Raji Yinusa


Summary:The effect of Quassia amara extract and two isolated compounds from the extract, quassin and 2-methoxycathine-6-one on haematological parameters was studied in rats. All doses of the extract and those of the quassin significantly increased (p<0.05) red blood cell count, packed cell volume and haemoglobin concentration. However, there was no significant increase (P>0.05) in the total white blood cell count. There was also no significant change (P>0.05) in all parameters studied with 2-methoxycanthine-6-one. The results suggest that quassia extract possesses antianaemic property.

Keywords: Anaemia, Quassinoid, Quassin, 2-methoxycanthine-6-one, Rats

Nig. J. Physiol. Sci. 25(December 2010) 103 – 106

Author Biography

Raji Yinusa
Department of Physiology, College of Medicine, University of Ibadan. Nigeria

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eISSN: 0794-859X