Nigerian Journal of Surgical Research

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Benign breast lesions in Kano

O Ochicha, ST Edino, AZ Mohammed, SN Amin


Background: Non-malignant diseases of the breast have assumed increased importance in recent times because of public awareness of breast cancer. This study was carried out to look closely at benign breast lesions in Kano with a view to comparing with data from other centres in Nigeria and abroad.

Method: A five-year retrospective review of all histopathologically proven benign breast lesions in the two major hospitals in Kano was carried out. The data were analysed on the basis of the histopathological types, age and sex distribution.

Results: Benign breast lesions accounted for 160 (73%) of all breast biopsies seen, and 71.9% of breast diseases in women with a benign to malignant ratio of 2.6 to 1. The mean age at presentation was 26 years. Fibrocystic disease was the commonest histological lesion comprising 55 (34.3%) of all cases, with a mean age of 33 years. This was followed by fibroadenoma accounting for 28.8% with a mean age of 21 years, thus occurring a decade earlier than fibrocystic disease of the breast. Inflammatory breast diseases accounted for 8.1%.

Conclusion: This study has shown that benign diseases are common in our environment, and with few exceptions our data was comparable to other Nigerian series, but slightly at variance with the developed world.

Keywords: Benign breast lumps, Nigeria.

Nig. J. of Surgical Research Vol.4(1-2) 2002: 1-5
AJOL African Journals Online