Faeco-histological Method of Studying Worm Endemicity with the Vermiform Appendix

  • W. I. B. Onuigbo The Medical Foundation and Clinic, Uwani, Enugu
Keywords: Worm endemicity, appendix, faeces, histology


Worms are endemic in various parts of the world, the patterns varying from community to community, even in the same country. A rough index of those common among Nigerians of the Igbo ethnic group has been obtained using a histological study of the ova present in the luminal faeces of the vermiform appendix in 559 operative specimens. Eighteen patients (3%) manifested 56 ova, which were identified as ascaris 29, trichuris 18, hookworm 6 and schistosome 3. It is hoped that the faeco-histological method will throw comparative and useful lights on some research worthy questions in different communities all over the world

(Nig J Surg Res 2000; 2:105-107 )


: Worm endemicity, appendix, faeces, histology

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eISSN: 1595-1103