Nigerian Journal of Surgical Research

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Giant Anal Condyloma Acuminatum in Childhood: A Case Report

K. Attipou, K. Yawovi, N. James, G. A. Napo-Koura, A. Tchangaï-Walla, K James


The authors report a case of anal giant condyloma acuminatum present for 10 years in a 14 year old. The giant tumor was responsible for difficulty in the sitting and difficulty with defecation. Surgical excision was a little limited in order to conserve the anal sphincter. Cauterization with diathermy was done on the remaining small sized lesions at the level of the perineum and at the level of anal canal mucosa. Post-operative follow-up was marked by the recurrence of the tumor after 3 months. Giant ano-rectal condylomas are very rare. The treatment is surgical excision and chemotherapy.

(Nig J Surg Res 2001; 3: 170 – 174)


Giant Condyloma, Anus
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