Lateral rhinotomy-a review of 38 operations from Sokoto Nigeria

  • KR Iseh
Keywords: Lateral rhinotomy, Intranasal tumours


Aims And Objectives: Intranasal tumours are likely to be incompletely excised if pernasal excisional biopsy alone is used. There are several other approaches for the removal of intranasal tumours one of which is lateral rhinotomy. This paper reviews 38 lateral rhinotomies performed in 30 patients in Sokoto Nigeria, over a 41/2 year period.
Patients And Method: The record of 30 patients who underwent 38 lateral rhinotomies in Sokoto were reviewed. The indications for lateral rhinotomy, operative findings and histology results were analysed over a 41/2 year period.
Results: 38 lateral rhinotomies were performed in 30 patients. There were 19 males (63.3%) and 11 females (36.7%) with a male to female ratio of 1.7:1. Their ages ranged between 6yrs and 65yrs. 29 patients (96.7%)had 37 lateral rhinotomies performed on them as a result of intranasal neoplasm while one (3.3%) had lateral rhinotomy performed for removal of local Arrow foreign body in the orbit and infratemporal fossa. Operative findings indicated that in only 8 surgeries (21.1%) were intranasal tumours confined to the nasal cavities, while
in 27 surgeries (76.3%) intranasal tumour had extended beyond the nasal cavity.
Conclusion: Lateral rhinotomy provides excellent exposure to intranasal tumours more than all other approaches in achieving tumour free margin during excisional biopsy pending the outcome of histology report with acceptable cosmetic results.

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