Acute abdomen from gossypiboma: A Case series and review of literature

  • ME Asuquo
  • N Ogbu
  • J Udosen
  • R Ekpo
  • C Agbor
  • M Ozinko
  • K Emelike


Gossypiboma though uncommon is under-reported. It is an infrequent but avoidable surgical error. The retained sponge induces two types of reactions, fibrinous response resulting in granuloma formation and exudative response leading to abscess formation. This serious medical condition may result in significant morbidity and mortality with serious medico legal implications. We present two cases of retained guaze(gossypiboma) seen in a busy surgical unit within three months. The pathogenesis is due to gauze induced adhesions that may cause intestinal obstruction and abscess formation resulting in peritonitis . The plain abdominal radiograph was very valuable in the first line investigation of these patients. It is possible that gossypiboma is underreported and standard protocols are not common except for routine concern for detail while doing laparotomy.

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eISSN: 1595-1103