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Effect of Tillage and Mulch Combination on Soil Physical Properties and Sorghum Performance on Alfisol of Southwest Nigeria

S Ojeniyi
S Odedina
J Odedina
M Akinola


The effect of tillage method and mulching on selected soil physical properties and performance of sorghum (Sorghum bicolor) was studied in rainforest zone of South West Nigeria. Treatments were 4 x 2 factorial combination of tillage methods (zero tillage, manual clearing, heap, ridge), 12t/ha dry plant residue mulch, and no mulch. Mulch significantly reduced soil bulk density, temperature, increased moisture content and grain yield especially on heap and ridge compared with no tillage methpds. Ridge and heap increased shoot and root dry matter. Highest yield was recorded for ridge plus mulch, and heap plus mulch. Mulching of heap or ridge increased grain yield by 50%.

Keywords: Sorghum, growth, yield, soil, tillage, mu/ch.

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