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Characterization and Classification of Barikin Sale, Nigerian Southern Guinea Savanna Fadama Soils, for Sustainable Rice Production

I Onyekwere
MIS Ezenwa


Barikin sale Fadama soils in southern Guinea Savanna of Nigeria were studied regarding their properties, classification and management for sust non compacted with bulk density ranging from 1.37 to 1.72gcm-3, moderately acidic with a pH range of 5.1 to 6.3, have low ‘organic carbon, total nitrogen available P and basic cationic elements (Ca Mg K and Na). The soils were classified as Typic Haplustults (upper slope), Dystric Ustochrepts (middle, slope), aqUlc Ustochrepts (Hydromorphic fringe) and Typic Tropaquepts (bottom) and correlated with F AO / UNESCO soil map legend as Haplic Acrisols (upper slope) Dystric Cambisol (middle slope), and Gleyic Cambisols (Hydromorphic fringe and bottom).

Key Words: Fadama Soils, Characterization, Classification Management

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