Nigerian Journal of Surgical Sciences

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Giant cranio-facial lesions in Northern Nigeria

DA Adeola, SA Eguma, AB Adebola


A retrospective review of cranio-facial lesions seen and managed at the maxillo facial unit over a ten year period was undertaken. Data collected included; Histology reports, size, age, sex, site, duration, management, complications and prognosis. Ameloblastoma constitute the highest number of giants sized tumors (22.9%). These lesions occurred most frequent in the 2nd and third decades, of life and affected more males than females. With a male female ration 1∙8:1. The mandibles were the commonest sites of occurrence of giant tumors (60%), followed by the maxilla (27%) and the temporal and frontal regions (10%), (3%) respectively.

Nigerian Journal of Surgical Sciences Vol. 17 (1) 2007: pp. 43-53

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