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Maize yield response to residual soil moisture In inland valley of Minna, Nigeria

SA Mohammed
MY Otache
IE Ahaneku
A Halilu


Two sets of experiments were conducted in three replicates each on both upper and lower fringes of Minna inland valley, Niger State, Nigeria. While the upper fringe was subjected to surface irrigation the residual moisture in the lower fringe provided the maize crop with all water requirements from planting to maturity. Randomized Complete Block Design was utilized forthe study. The results showed that the actual maize yield obtained in plots 1, 2 and 3 on the upper fringe were 100.15 kg/ha, 180.45 kg/ha and 200.45kg/ha, respectively, whereas 168.78 kg/ha, 240.16 kg/ha and 271.20 kg/ha were recorded in the lower fringe for similar plot conditions. The difference in means of the maize yield grown under irrigation and residual moisture were statistically insignificant at 5% and 1 % levels of significance.

Key-Words: Irrigation, inland valley, residual moisture, yield response,