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Efficient fuzzy logic controller for magnetic levitation systems

D.S Shu’aibu, H. Rabiu, N. Shehu


Magnetic levitation is a system of suspending a body or a complete system against gravity. Suspending a system in air against gravity without using fixed structure for supporting is highly unstable and complex. In the previous research many  techniques of stabilizing magnetic levitation systems were discussed. In this paper magnetic levitation controller using fuzzy logic is proposed. The proposed Fuzzy logic controller (FLC) is designed, and developed using triangular membership function with 7×7 rules. The system model was implemented in MATLAB/SIMULINK and the system responses to Fuzzy controller with different input signals were  investigated. Using unit step input signal, the proposed controller has a settling time of 0.35 secs, percentage overshoot of 0% and there is no oscillation. The proposed controller is validated with a model of an existing practical conventional proportional plus derivatives (PD) controller. The PD controller has a settling time of 0.45 secs, percentage overshoot of 7% and with  oscillation. Similarly, with  sinusoidal input, the FLC has a phase shift and peak response of 0^0 and 0.9967 respectively, while PD controller has a phase shift and peak response of 24.48o and 0.9616 respectively. A disturbance signal was applied to the input of the control system. Fuzzy controller succeeded in rejecting the disturbance signal without further turning of the  parameters whereby PD controller failed.

Keywords: Fuzzy logic, levitation system, phase lead compensator, root locus, PD controller.
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