Fuzzy Logic-based Data Controlled Wireless Sensor Network Routing Protocol for Flood Early Warning

  • A.E. Alabi
  • O.S. Ayoola
  • O.A. Fakolujo


Floods account for 15% of all natural disasters related deaths. Therefore, early flood warning systems using wireless network of sensors installed in flood prone areas is necessary to provide early notice of impending flood. This research focuses on the use of an energy efficient routing protocol to prolong the life time of the Network. The importance of this is to minimize energy consumption as necessary for reliable field operations. It adopts the use of mandami Fuzzy logic-based data controlled routing protocol (F-DCRP).Simulation was carried out for the F-DCRP, LEACH and Crisp Data controlled routing protocol (DCRP). The performance of the three protocols were obtained and compared. The result showed that Cluster head (CH) load was better shared uniformly among all the nodes. Percentage of packets dropped showed that the proposed F-DCRP was 10% lower compared to DCRP and 50% lower compared to LEACH resulting in more packets sent per round and greater reliability compared to LEACH and DCRP. The network lifetime was also improved by 40 % when compared to LEACH and DCRP.


Journal Identifiers

eISSN: 2437-2110
print ISSN: 0189-9546