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An energy management scheme for hybrid energy system using Fuzzy Logic Controller

T. A. Olaleye
L. Olatomiwa
O.M Longe
K. E. Jack


This paper presents a Fuzzy Logic Controller-based energy management system (EMS) to control hybrid energy sources. The design is a single-phase and grid-tied system sized to handle the system's diverse load demands. The design system consists of photovoltaic modules, a grid source and a single-phase standby generator. The system uses energy produced by the PV modules (using Perturbation and Observation MPPT to maximize energy generated from the modules) and power stored in the Energy Storage Unit (ESU) to fulfil the various load needs while prioritizing the selling of excess energy to the grid. The fuzzy controller controls and manages the highlighted operational activities and prevents the ESU from overcharging and undercharging. Simulink is adopted to implement the proposed system within the simulation period; as the irradiation increased from 0W/m2 to 100W/m2, the grid's power supply dropped from 6000W to 4000W because of the amount of PV power generation between 0.6s and 0.8s. The photovoltaic module contributed to the system's overall power consumption while keeping the DC bus voltage between 396V and 406V. The EMS using the fuzzy logic controller provides high levels of energy security, system effectiveness and O &M cost optimization. It has also offered a consistent and uninterrupted power supply.

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eISSN: 2437-2110
print ISSN: 0189-9546