Assessment of the health risk of domestic waste water in Minna, Niger State

  • Maria Galadima
  • Bashirat Abdulazeez
  • Habib Abdullahi
Keywords: Health, Risk, Domestic, Waste-water


Man generates waste as a result of his daily activities in a bid to maintain his means of livelihood to enhances and make his life comfortable. Water-waste generated by man has an adverse effect on the environment and subsequently on man himself. The way these water-wastes are stored, collected and disposed of, pose risks to the environment and to public health. The study aim at assess the risk of poor waste-water management in Barikin Salleh area of Minna and to identify different causes of improper sewage conditions in study area and types of diseases caused by sewage / waste water. A quantitative and qualitative approach were used, Data was collected directly from the field using structural questionnaires. Systematic randomly techniques were used to sampled the respondents, data collected were subjected to descriptive statistical analysis. The findings show that majority of the respondents with 67% agreed that poor sewage management in Barikin Sale is a serious problem. It also was established that sewage itself is not a problem, the management of the liquid waste that contain in the sewage is the major challenge in the area. It thereby recommends that enlightenment should be carried out to sensitize the public on the risk of poor sewage management in the area.

Keywords: Health, Risk, Domestic, Waste-water


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print ISSN: 0795-5111