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Entrepreneurial culture and growth of knowledge intensive business services in Minna, Niger State, Nigeria

M.M. Adeyeye, C.V. Udogwu, E.I. Bello, E.S. Araga


Knowledge-Intensive Businesses Services (KIBS) are entrepreneurial firms perceived to imbibe entrepreneurial culture to enhance growth. Therefore, this paper investigates the impact of entrepreneurial culture on the growth of KIBS in Minna metropolis. The study addressed three null hypotheses which focus on employees’ rewards, informality and innovativeness. It is a quantitative study that employs survey research design using a self –structured questionnaire on a five-point Likert scale based on previous studies. The validity and reliability of the instrument was carried out. A purposive sampling method was used to obtain the sample size for the study. The data was analyzed using descriptive and inferential statistics. The study found that employees’ reward and innovativeness have significant positive effect at 5% level of significance on KIBS firms’ growth in Minna Metropolis. It therefore recommends that KIBS firms should focus more on people and empowerment to enhance entrepreneurial culture. Moreover, capacity building programme such as conferences, seminar, training and workshops should be a regular feature for KIBS owners/managers by relevant professional bodies on entrepreneurial culture in order to improve entrepreneurial practices such as employees reward and innovativeness for firm growth.

Keywords: Entrepreneurial culture, innovativeness, informality, reward, growth, Knowledge Intensive Business Services (KIBS)
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