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Effect of fillers on mechanical properties of recycled low density polyethylene composites under weathered condition

Ibiyemi A. Idowu
Olutosin O. Ilori


The study examined the effect of fillers on the mechanical properties of the recycled low density polyethylene composites under weathered condition with a view of managing the generation and disposal of plastic wastes. Discarded pure water sachets and fillers (glass and talc) were sourced and recycled. Recycled low density polyethylene (RLDPE) and preparation of RLDPE/glass, RLDPE/talc and RLDPE/glass/talc composites were carried out using a furnace at compositions of 0 – 40% in steps of 10% by weight. The mixtures were poured into hand-laid mould. The samples produced were exposed to sunlight for eight (8) weeks and their mechanical properties were studied. The results of mechanical tests revealed that tensile strength decreased with increasing filler loading while impact strength and hardness property increased marginally and considerably with increasing filler loading for all the composites respectively. The study concluded that glass and talc were able to reinforce recycled low density polyethylene under weathered condition.

Keywords: Recycled Low Density Polyethylene (RLDPE); Fillers; Glass, Talc; Weathering condition; Sunlight; and Mechanical properties; Tensile strength, Impact and hardness