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Seroprevalence of Dirofilaria in dogs in Kaduna and Zaria metropolises, Kaduna State, Nigeria.

Fasanya Oluyinka O. A
J Kabir
A. J Natala


Dirofilaria is the parasite known to cause filariasis in animals and humans transmitted by mosquitoes. The study was aimed at determining the prevalence of dirofilaria dogs attending government based Veterinary clinics and at slaughters in Kaduna metropolis and Zaria. The diagnosis was based on the use of the Knotts techniques. Blood was collected from 30 animals each from 6 government based veterinary clinics and 45 each from 2 slaughter slabs in Kaduna metropolis and 90 from 1 slaughter slab in Zaria giving a total of 360 animals sampled from the period of October 2016- April 2017. At each collection unit, the animals were selected using systemic random sampling and the blood samples were examined using the Knotts technique. The results revealed a prevalence of 1.1% (4/360) dogs positive for blood dirofilaria parasite. This report on the status of dirofilaria infection in dogs in Kaduna and Zaria metropolis, Kaduna state suggests that dogs there is a decline in the incidence of the disease among dogs in the state.

Key words: Seroprevalence, Dirofilaria, dogs, metropolis