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Investigation into the flow and stabilization of Cu-water and Cu-Gallium magneto nanofluid in a porous media

Pius Erheyovwe Bubu
Chigozie Israel-Cookey
Valentine Benjamin Omubo-Pepple
Friday Barikpe Sigalo


The Rayleigh-Benard stability in liquid-metal nanofluids is investigated with somewhat emphasis on the behaviour of Brownian motion and thermophoresis of copper Cu nanoparticles. The critical Rayleigh number of the Cu-Ga decreases in not less than one order of magnitude as the modified magnetic Chandrasekhar number increases than that of the Cu-water nanofluids in Darcy and Darcy-Brinkman porous media. The Chebyshev spectral technique is used to resolved the resulting rigid-rigid boundary eigenvalue problem considered numerically. The numerical experimental results obtained for the effects of the modified magnetic Chandrasekhar number ?, Nanoparticle Rayleigh number ??, modified diffusivity ratio ??, modified specific heat increment ??, Lewis number ??, Darcy number ?? and porosity ?on the stabilization of both the water-based and liquid-metal based nanofluids with copper nanoparticle- results for Cu-water and Cu-Ga are presented graphically and tabularly.