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Biochemicals extraction for sustainable feedstocks from dried leaves of <i>Gmelina arborea</i>

Haruna Ibrahim
Shamsudeen Abdulkarim Jibia
Suleiman Magaji
Ismail Muhammad


Research on biomass for the production of biochemicals is getting more attention to find suitable feedstocks for our industries capable of replacement of petrochemicals that are not only hazardous to our environment but with diminishing sources. In this study, 50g of pulverized dead waste dried Gmelina arborea leaves were hydrothermally extracted with 500 mL of distilled water over 0.5, 0.75 and 1.5g of ZnCl2 catalyst yielded 266 - 274.2g of fatty acids, 7.8 -18.5g 3-methyl butanol, 11.13 -16.09g furfural, 23.45 -26.32g α-farnesene, 20.8 -29.47 eugenol, 20.8 -25.26g phytol and 10.63 – 14.07g spathulenol. This method seems to be the cheapest for the production of biodiesel feedstock and feedstocks for food, agrochemicals, pharmaceuticals and cosmetic industries.