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Bilateral malignant phyllodes tumor of the breast

M.A.C Odik
C.N Ekwunife
S.N.C Anyanwu
O.C Oguejiofor
U.C Odenigbo
K.C Eze


Phyllodes tumor is one of the breast-specific biphasic tumors, arising from the intra-lobular breast stroma. It constitutes less than 1%of all breast tumors. Bilateralmalignant phyllodes tumor is uncommon.We report a case of 32-year oldmultiparouswoman who died of multi-organ metastatic disease. The diagnosis was based on histology report of the breast specimen.We highlight
important issues on the behavior andmanagemenet of the tumor.

Niger Med J. Vol. 48, No. 4, Oct. – Dec., 2007: 101 – 102.

Keywords: Breast,Phyllodes tumor,Malignant.