Effectiveness of the Use of Chloroquine plus Chlorpheniramine in the Management of Acute Uncomplicated Malaria

  • C.O Falade
  • O Ogundahunsi
  • I Ajayi
  • A Oduola


To evaluate the effectiveness of chloroquine (CQ) plus chlorpheniramine (CP) combination in the treatment of uncomplicated malaria in the community outside the strict followup and compliance of hospital-based studies. In an open randomized study, patients with symptomatic acute uncomplicated malaria in a rural community in Southwestern Nigeria were allocated to receive supervised (Group1) or unsupervised (Group2) chloroquine plus chlorpheniramine (CQ-CP) using the 14daymodification of theWHOfield test. One hundred and sixty of 196 enrolled patients completed the study. Children in both groups received CQ (25mg/kg) over three days plus CP 6mg (patients <5years) or 8mg stat (>5years) followed by 4mg 8 hourly for 7days. Adults received 1500mg over 3 days in combination withCP, 8mg stat followed by 6mg 8 hourly for 7days. D7 and D14 cure rates were 95.5% and 91.4% in Group 1 versus 87.7% and 77.14% for Group 2 (p=>0.05). Mean PCT and FCT were 2.27±0.84d and 2.56±1.4d versus 2.62±1.36d and 2.7±0.82d in Groups 1 and 2 respectively (p=>0.05). Six patients who earlier failed unsupervised therapy responded to the combination under supervision. CQ-CP is effective in the treatment of acute uncomplicated falciparum malaria in the community. However, poor compliance may compromise this cheap and effective regimen.

Keywords: Effectiveness chloroquine chlorpheniramine malaria.


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eISSN: 2229-774X
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