The Impact of Housing in Paediatrics Burns Cases: A Review of Health Implication of Habitat in Centre Families in Lagos.

  • UE Afiomah National Hospital, Abuja
  • OA Oduwole Lecturer Lagos University Teaching Hospital
  • JK Renner Senior Lecturer, Lagos university Teaching Hospital


Objective: To determine the impact of housing on paediatric Burns Cases in Lagos

Design: Prospective Study

Subject: 40 children aged 10 days to 10 years admitted for Management after sustaining burns

Main Outcome Measurements: Housing plays a significant role in paediatric Burns Cases.

Results: 70% of a total of 40 Paediatric burns patients had moderate severe burns. These were from one apartment room while only two of them lived in a two-room apartment. 85% of the patients were from low social-economic cadre. All the burns occurred intramural.

Conclusion: Housing plays a significant role in burn cases in Urban Lagos. This is related to the poor housing situation which has a direct bearing on the Social Status of the parents of victims.

Nig. Qt. J. Hosp. Med. Vol.12(1-4) 2002: 52-54

Journal Identifiers

eISSN: 0189-2657