Metabolic Action Of Sex Steroids: The Effects Of Testosterone and Progestins On Hepatic Glycogen Deposition

  • O Adegoke
  • E. Iyare


It has been widely reported that sex steroids affect carbohydrate metabolism and may have influences on hepatic enzymes. There have also been reports that glucocorticoids and sex steroids sometimes bind to similar receptors. All these suggest possible functional similarities or antagonism between glucocorticoids and sex steroids.

The aim of the present work was to determine the effect of four sex steroids testosterone, progesterone, nestorone and levonorgestred on hepatic glycogen deposition which is normally enhanced by glucocorticoids. The steroids were administered on rats, and hepatic glycogen content was measured.

Results show that the four sex steroids had no direct effect on hepatic glycogen deposition. However the natural steroids testosterone and progesterone enhanced the stimulatory action of dexamethasone. This implies that although testosterone and progesterone may not affect carbohydrate metabolism by directly causing hepatic glycogenesis they probably have the potential to do so.

Nigerian Quarterly Journal of Hospital Medicine Vol. 9, No. 1 (1999) pp. 71-73

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eISSN: 0189-2657