Nigerian Quarterly Journal of Hospital Medicine

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Spinal Metastasis Of Wilm's Tumuor: An Unusual Occurrence

EU Onifade, OK Ayonrinde


Background: Metastasis of the Wilm's tumor is usually to surrounding tissue, the lungs and the liver. Rarely is there spread to bone, bone-marrow, spinal canal and other tissues, but this unusual mode of spread sometimes occurs.

Objectives: To report a case of Wilm's tumuor complicated by spastic paraplegia consequent to spinal metastasis and to highlight the problems encountered in the management.

Subject and Findings: a 3-year-girl presented with metastatic Wilm's tumuor, and unusual involvement of the spinal canal resulting in spastic paraplegia within 4 weeks of onset of symptomatology. She made appreciable clinical improvement with combination chemotherapy, radiotherapy and surgery, but was yet to regain full function of both lower limbs at the time of her “irregular” discharge.

Nigerian Quarterly Journal of Hospital Medicine Vol.9, No.3 (1999) pp. 212-214
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