Cancer of the Cervix in Nigeria: A Case – Control Study of some Epidemiological Factors

  • K K Ketiku
  • E R Ola
  • E E Ekanem
Keywords: Cancer, Cervix, Epidemiology.


A case –control study to establish possible aetiological factor of carcinoma of the cervix was undertaken. Data were collected from 206 patients with carcinoma of cervix and 206 controls using a standardized questionnaire. Risk factors assessed included sociodemographic characteristics, sexual history, personal habit and life styles. Adjustment for confounders was made using the Mantel–Haenzsel approach. The patients were between 28 years and 85 years of with a mean of 53.2 years while the mean age of control was 51.6 years. Early marriage, multiparity, polygamy, socioeconomic status and educational level were factors found to be significantly associated with increased risk of occurrence of the disease and may have contributed to the high incidence of late presentation. No significant difference were found between the cancer patients and the control group with respect to the frequency of coitus, age at first coitus, the number of sexual partners and the religious beliefs.

Keywords: Cancer, Cervix, Epidemiology.

NQJHM Vol. 14 (2) 2004: pp. 161-165

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eISSN: 0189-2657