Effects of Cissus Populnea (Ogbolo) On Mainstream Smoked Weaned Rabbit

  • H A Smith
  • O Ogunfeibo


The effect of Cissus populnae, a medicinal plant commonly used by Nigerian Traditional Medicine practitioners for the treatment of fertility abnormalities especially in males has been investigated in smoking maturing male rabbit (1.0-1.5kg BW). It was found that daily exposure to mainstream (M) smoke for 40 minutes produced significant reduction in sperm concentration (15.4±2.5 (M) vs. 184±3.6 (c) X106 cells/ml; p<0.001; Testicular protein mg/dl (4.06±0.3(M) vs 6.4±0.8); p<0.01; Motility 75± 7.3 (M) vs. 80 ± 3.5 (c) ; the other testicular parameter increased. Malonaldehyde m mol/ mg prot. (144± 3) (M) vs. 114±2(c). Glutathione peroxidase activity (GSHPX) u/mgprot.622.49±16 (M) vs.239.49 ±16 (C) and Alkaline phosphatase u/mg Prot. (393±23.9)(M) vs. 207.15±19 (c ) respectively. Except for malonaldehyde concentration that increased 10 fold in the presence of C. populnea, significant improvements in all other parameters were observed sperm concentration was 175% higher than that of (M); GSHPX activity reduced by 118% and alkaline phosphatase activity by 31% in the C. populnea treated group. The results suggested that treatment of mainstream cigarette smoked rabbits with c. populnea 200mg/kg increased sperm concentration above the normal 20 X 10 cells ml reduced testicular GSHPX and alkaline phosphatase activities when compared with untreated smoked rabbits.

NQJHM Vol. 14 (2) 2004: pp. 195-199

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eISSN: 0189-2657