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A comparative study of Interactions between chronic Alcohol consumption, feeding Habit, and Sex in Sprague-Dawley Rats

C O Ladipo, C I Nwaigwe, S A Adigun


Background: Variation in physiological effects of chronic alcohol consumption is attributable to interference of confounding factors like body weight, diet and sex.
Objective: The aim of this study is to investigate the interactions between chronic alcohol intake, body weight, food consumption and sex in rats.
Methods: The effects of drinking 10% alcohol solution for 12 weeks on daily body weight, and drinking and feeding behaviour were studied in Sprague – Dawley rats of both sexes. Daily measurement of body weight, fluid intake and food consumption were recorded and compared. Multiple linear regression analysis was used to assess the possible interaction of the confounding factor in each group of rats.
Results: There was loss of body weight in male alcohol loaded rats (AM: 199.83 + 4.36g) relative to male control rats (CM: 223.19 + 3.80g), but there was no difference between female and male alcohol – loaded (AF: 208.49 + 1.13g) or female control rats (CF: 212.82 + 2.15g). Alcohol intake resulted in reduction in fluid intake and food consumption. However, there was higher consumption of alcohol and food in AM (7.71 + 0.17g/kg/day and 112.30 + 5.11g/kg/day respectively) compared with AF (6.90 + 0.14g/kg/day respectively and 86.11 + 2.38g/kg/day respectively; n-84, P<0.05). Multiple linear regressions showed interaction between daily food consumption and fluid intake in determining daily changes in body weight in AF only.
Conclusion: Results indicate that the effect of chronic alcohol consumption on body function is gender related.

NQJHM Vol. 14 (3&4) 2004: pp. 277-281
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