Nigerian Quarterly Journal of Hospital Medicine

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A Screen for Benzo(a) Pyrene, A Caranogen, in the Water Samples from the Niger Delta using GC-MS

C Anyakora, A Ogeche, H Coker, G Ukpo, C Ogah


Epidemiological studies in several countries have indicated that exposure to polynuclear aromatic hydrocarbons especially benzo(a)pyrene increases the risk of cancer. A study by the World Health Organization recommended a guideline value of 0.7ug/liter for benzo(a)pyrene in drinking water, corresponding to an excess life time cancer risk of 10-5. Benzo(a)pyrene being a component of crude oil, we studied 18 water samples from crude oil polluted Niger Delta region for the presence of this compound. The analysis was carried using a gas chromatograph coupled with ion trap mass spectrometer (GC-MS). Two – third of the studied samples were found to contain benzo(a)pyrene. The highest concentration found in samples was 4.0ug/liter.

NQJHM Vol. 14 (3&4) 2004: pp. 288-293
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