Knowledge of physicians about sleep disorders in Osogbo, South West Nigeria

  • James E. Tobih
  • Taiwo Olugbemiga Adedeji
  • Busoye Alagbe Adegbosin
Keywords: Sleep disorders, Physicians' knowledge, Polysomnography, Complications, Nigeria


Background: Sleep disorders are common and global problem that affects a larger proportion of the population. The condition is significantly under diagnosed and most cases are left untreated.

Objective: The presents study aims to study the knowledge of physicians about sleep disorders in suburban town in south-west Nigeria

Methods: This is a cross-sectional, descriptive study that was conducted in Osogbo, South-West Nigeria. The target population was Physicians that work in LAUTECH Teaching Hospital and State Hospital Asubiaro, both in Osogbo, Nigeria. An adjusted 26 response question version of sleep disorders was used to collect data.

Results: There were 96 respondents consisting of 62 males and 34 females. Majority (74%) work in the Teaching Hospital and 71.9% had worked for ≤ 10years. Most respondents agreed sleep disorder is not common in Nigeria,40.6% had never seen patients with sleep disorders. Larger proportion (65 – 79%) was familiar with most symptoms of sleep disorders but only 29.2%will ask question on apnea. Only5.2% were familiar with Epworth sleepiness scale. Over 93% were not familiar with any diagnostic test required to confirm sleep disorders. Majority(59.4 – 85.4%) believed that sleep disorders predispose to complications but only 38.5% knew sleep disorder can predispose to pulmonary hypertension. Over 63% could not manage sleep disorders effectively, 30.2% will refer to specialist, 15.6% did not know to whom they should refer

Conclusion: Many Physicians in our environment have little knowledge on sleep disorders. Bearing in mind the long term health effects of sleep disorders, there is a need for Physicians to update their knowledge on this condition. This will lead to better management and improvement in quality of life of patients

Keywords: Sleep disorders; Physicians' knowledge; Polysomnography; Complications; Nigeria


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