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Effects of daily intake of beetroot juice on blood glucose and hormones in young healthy subjects

F.E. Olumese, H.A. Oboh


Background: Hyperglycaemia occurs due to alteration in carbohydrate, fat or protein metabolism and hormones may be implicated. Millions of people now use medicinal plants to treat this condition.

Objectives: To determine the potential hypoglycaemic properties of Beetroot (Beta vulgaris).

Methods: Thirty subjects: (Eighteen males and twelve females) aged 19-29 years, BMI ≤ 25 received 10% Beetroot juice daily. The juice was administered after overnight fast (Phase I), daily for six weeks (Phase II) and two weeks wash out (Phase III). Serum glucose, cortisol, insulin and C-peptide were evaluated.

Results: While the plasma glucose was significantly (p<0.05) reduced, serum C-peptide and insulin were down regulated with a concomitant increase in cortisol in the phase II compared to other phases.

Conclusion: Daily consumption of 10% Beetroot juice reduced blood glucose which may be beneficial to diabetics and this is supported by the levels of Insulin, cortisol and C-peptide.

Keywords: Beetroot , C-peptide, Glycaemic response, Insulin, Cortiso

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