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A three-year retrospective review of consultation-liaison psychiatric services among HIV positive inpatients in a Nigerian based tertiary hospital

Raphael E. Ogbolu, Andrew T. Olagunju, Elizabeth A. Campbell, Olatunji F. Aina


Background: The Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome contributes to a vicious cycle of poor health, unemployment and poverty. The psychiatric aspect of the Human immunodeficiency virus and model for care deserves more attention.

Objectives: To examine pattern of referral to psychiatric consultation-liaison services among inpatients with HIV/AIDS in a tertiary hospital.

Methods: Data gathered over three years as part of consultation-liaison service were analysed.

Results: Most subjects were female (57.7%), and majority (30.8%) were aged 30-39 years. The department of medicine made the most referrals. The psychiatric diagnosis was mostly delirium (51.9%), while irrational talk (23.1%) and refusal to take medications (23.1%), were among the commonest referral reasons. The outcome in most cases was not documented or patients had discharged themselves.

Conclusion: The preponderance of delirium suggests the need for a closer look at the management of HIV due to the increased mortality that has been associated with the presence of delirium. The study also highlights the importance of up-to-date record-keeping and service linkage-integration.

Keywords: Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome (AIDS), Human immunodeficiency virus (HIV), Consultation-liaison psychiatry

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