Survey of documentation of regional anaesthesia practices at a Tertiary Hospitals' Labour ward in sub-Saharan Africa

  • A.A. Adesida
  • J.O. Olatosi
  • O.J. Akinsola
  • A.A. Oluwole
  • M.K. Rotimi
Keywords: Survey, Regional Anaesthesia, Documentation


Background: Obstetric anesthesia practice documentation has been poorly audited in sub-Saharan Africa; this institution has no publication on documentation of labour ward theatre anaesthesia practices hence the need for this study.

Objective: The aim of the study was to determine percentage completion of documentation of anaesthetic proceedings, deduce the pattern of labour ward theatre regional anaesthesia practices and advice on documentation practices by anaesthetist during obstetric deliveries.

Methods: A prospective study of the anaesthetic charts of a total of 72 consecutive women who had caesarian sections was analyzed over the six-month period of study. Various sections of the chart were used to answer a prepared
questionnaire to ascertain compliance with institutional requirements.

Result: A total of fourteen parameters (56%) had documentations above the median percentile (88.9%) of the 25 parameters expected to be completed on the labour ward theatre anaesthetic chart. Eleven of the parameters (44%) were below the median, while the technique of anaesthesia was predominantly spinal anaesthesia at 98.6%.

Conclusion: there was a fairly adequate labour-ward theatre documentation of anaesthetic proceeding in this institution with a 44% room for improvement. We recommend a robust teaching programme on documentation, op-site supervision for all residents in anaesthesia also a regular audit of obstetric anaesthesia practice in Sub Saharan African institutions this may be invaluable for medicolegal processes.

Keywords: Survey, Regional Anaesthesia, Documentation


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eISSN: 0189-2657