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Effects of Combined Aerobic and Stretching Exercises on the Cardiopulmonary Parameters of Premenopausal and Postmenopausal Breast Cancer Survivors

Happiness Anulika Aweto, Sunday Rufus Akinwumi Akinbo, Olajide Ayinla Olawale


Background: Therapeutic approaches that will improve the reduced cardiopulmonary functions of breast cancer (BC) survivors are of optimal importance. The effects of aerobic exercise on health-related outcomes of BC survivors have been reported while there is a dearth of information on the effects of combined aerobic and stretching exercises on cardiopulmonary parameters of female BC survivors.
Objective: This study investigated the effects of combined aerobic and stretching exercises on cardiopulmonary functions of premenopausal and postmenopausal Breast cancer (BC) survivors.
Methods: Fifty-four eligible BC survivors participated in the study but four-eight completed it. They were randomly assigned to groups A and B and each group had two subgroups; subgroup 1 (premenopausal) and subgroup 2 (postmenopausal). Group A underwent combined aerobic exercise using treadmill and stretching exercises for 12 weeks while Group B was the control group.
Results: Significant changes were observed in the cardiovascular parameters of participants in Groups A (1&2) (Resting systolic blood pressure (A1 :p = 0.01*; A2 : p = 0.01*), Resting diastolic blood pressure (A1 : p = 0.01*; A2 : p = 0.004*), Resting rate pressure product (A1 : p = 0.001*; A2 : p = 0.02*). Significant changes were also observed in the pulmonary parameters of participants of Groups A (1&2) (Arterioxyhaemoglobin saturation (A1 :p = 0.001*; A2 :p = 0.02*), Forced vital capacity (A1 :p = 0.13; A2 : p = 0.05*), maximal oxygen uptake (A1 :p = 0.03*; A2 : p = 0.15). Conclusion: Combined aerobic and stretching exercises brought about significant therapeutic effects on selected cardiopulmonary parameters in female BC survivors.

Keywords: Exercises, Cardiopulmonary, Breast cancer.

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