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Back School: The Development of A Nigerian Urban Model

D.O Odebiyi
O.A Akinpelu
T.O Alonge
B.O.A Adegoke


Background: Back Schools are health education and behaviour modifying programmes for care of the back and prevention of back  documentary. They are often developed with consideration for the environment and the practices of the people they serve. Although back schools are available in many parts of the world, none has been developed for the Nigerian environment. Objective: To develop a back school model for the Nigerian urban setting. Methods: The Nigerian Back School (NBS) was developed from two existing video documentaries and series of focus group discussions. The focus group discussions suggested how to adapt these documentaries to the Nigerian environment and cultural practices. A hand book containing illustrations on wrong and correct postures was also developed.
Results: The NBS comprises 30-minute video documentary and a 24-page handbook. The first part of the video documentary provides information on the epidemiology and causes of back pain, structures and functions of the back while the second and third parts consist of demonstrations of wrong and correct resting and working postures assumed during everyday life activities and simple exercises for the prevention or alleviation of back pain or its recurrence respectively. The NBS handbook consists of illustrations on wrong and correct postures assumed at rest and during activity of daily living Conclusion: A back school (video documentary and handbook) with considerations for the Nigerian urban environment and the peoples’ practices was made available.

Keywords: Back School, Development, Urban Nigeria.

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eISSN: 0189-2657