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Interrelationship of growth hormone, glucose and lipid metabolism

O Adedeji


Background: The relationship between Growth hormone (GH) and the metabolism of glucose and lipid is not completely understood. Objective: The present study is to obtain further information that will clarify the relationships between growth hormone and the metabolism of glucose and lipid. Methods: The subjects were randomly selected 25 male(11) and female(14) healthy individuals aged 35.96± 8.05 years. After an overnight fast (10-12 hours), blood was taken from the subjects into heparinised tubes, centrifuged at 5,000rpm for 5 minutes and the plasma separated. Fasting plasma glucose (FBS)was determined by glucose oxidase method,, total cholesterol ,LDL, HDL and, Triglyceride were determined by enzymatic methods. Hormone sensitive lipase was determine by,using dilauralglycero –glutaric acid methyresoruffin as substrate and Cobas Integra 800 Auto-analyser..Growth Hormone was determined by Enzyme linked immunoassay method by using monoclonal antibodies and Access 2 Immunoassay system. All reagents were supplied by Roche Company.
Result: The results showedpositive correlations between GH vs age and GH vs BMI. On the contrary, negative correlations were shown between GH vs the fasting levels of glucose,GH vs lipid and GH vs HSL. Conclusion: GH caused the reduction of the blood levels of glucose and, lipid using HSL as mediator, by inhibiting gluconeogenesis and stimulating lipolysis, respectively.

Keywords: Growth hormone, glucose, lipid metabolism, interrelationship.

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