An Assessment of the Availability of Resources in Senior Post-Primary School Libraries in Minna Metropolis

  • KA Saka
  • TA Mohammed


The study was to assess the extent of the availability of resources in Post primary school libraries (Senior Section) in Minna metropolis. The focus of this study is on the availability of accommodation: book stock and staffing situation in senior Post Primary school Libraries in Minna metropolis.  Survey method was used for the study. The entire population of 25 schools were not sample, it is manageable and so it was adopted. While Heads of school libraries were the target respondents. Data collection instruments I techniques include questionnaire, observation and interview. Questionnaire was used to solicit for the number of book stock, highest educational qualification I field of specialization of library staff Non-participant observation technique was used to examine the book shelve, while interview was conducted to ascertain the Number/ qualification of staff as well as the total book stock. This was done to support the response to questionnaire. Findings shows that 2 school libraries have converted libraries to classroom I staffroom, 1 school library was blownoff by windstorm while 4 had no libraries. On the other hand, one (1) private school was not accessible to researcher for security reasons. The 1 8 school libraries had a total book stock of 69, 3 92 volumes with an average 3, 855 of volumes, while one (1) school library had structure blown-off On staffing situation, 1 8 school libraries were being manned by 57 staff (3 professional, 1 8 paraprofessional and 36 nonprofessional staff). On library staff field of specialization, only 2 1 of them have various  qualifications in lib rarians hip, while 36 had qualification i!,! field other than librarianship. Recommendations are proffered amongst include: Adoption of "Minimum standards for school libraries in Nigeria (1 999)" by the state government, school principals proprietors and stakeholders in education.

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print ISSN: 0331-8214