A Study of the Reading Habits of Students in Selected Secondary Schools in Oyo Town

  • FI Ojebode


This paper focused on the reading habits of students in four selected secondary schools in Oyo town. The study was designed to find out the difference in the reading habits of the students in selected secondary schools in Oyo town. It is also aimed at finding solutions to poor reading habits, among the students. A survey questionnaire was used to gather information from 800 students that were randomly selected from four secondary schools in Oyo town. The data collected were analysed using Frequency, Mean, Standard de viation and test statistics. Findings showed that the respondents were not encouraged to develop positive reading habits by their parents, school as well as the community. The study recommended that government makes provision for well equipped and functional libraries in all schools to enable students to imbibe good reading habits and skills. Parents, librarians, teachers and government should work together to inculcate positive reading habits in children at various stages of their lives.