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Reading Habits among Secondary School Students in Ondo State, Nigeria

OA Abiolu


This survey investigated the reading habits of eight senior secondary school students in Ondo State Nigeria using a multistage sampling technique to draw three local government areas out of 18 in the State. Eight hundred copies of questionnaire were administered on 100 students from each of the eight schools sampled in a random manner. Findings show that textbook (81.8%) and novel (31%) were mostly read. Most respondents were active (50%) and moderate (31%) readers consulting school library (35.4%) and public library (14.9%) for their information needs. No significant difference between the reading habits of male and female students at t (554) = -1.42, p< 0.50 was found. Slight significant difference occurred between the reading habits of SSS 1, 2 and 3 students F (2, 553) = 2.78, p< 0.50. No significant correlation existed between students’ age and reading habits, R = 0.084, p< 0.50. Significant correlation occurred between respondents’ fathers’ educational background and their reading habits. Significant correlation also occurred between respondents’ mothers’ educational background and their reading habits. Libraries should be well equipped to enhance reading among students and parents irrespective of their educational background should support their children’s reading habits.

Keywords: Readers, Reading habits, Reading Materials, Senior Secondary Schools, Students.

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