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Educating the public on the Covid-19 pandemic through the theatre-in-education approach: The Awka experiment

Emmanuel O. Iroh


Knowledge, which literally means having information about an issue, opinion, concept, data or facts, is power. This is because it places the individual in an  advantageous position to take proactive and preventive measures. When people are informed about a phenomenon, they get prepared to tackle any  eventuality. This study examines the communication of the Covid-19 pandemic with Demonstration Primary School in Awka. The study is hinged on Paulo  Freire’s Teaching Theory, otherwise known as Pedagogy of Freedom founded upon an awareness of self and society. Freire believes that knowledge  emerges when the populace is made to understand their disadvantaged position. The study which is qualitative in nature adopted the theatre-in-  education approach where performances are staged for the audience to watch, using the post-performance discussion to interpret the themes of the  performance, clarify and enlighten the audience. The method significantly demystified and streamlined the Covid-19 pandemic and enlightened the  participants on how to stay safe. The study recommends the use of theatrical mode to sensitize the populace on major health issues in society. 

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