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Leadership issues in modern Nigerian drama: A socio-economic analysis of Esiaba Irobi’s <i>Hangmen Also Die</i>

Achor Friday Akowe
Lucy Ada Onaivi


Nigeria is currently witnessing the worst economic recession in the past decades. Leaving behind scores of high inflation rate, unemployment, decline in  exchange rate and drop in gross domestic product, and so on. These challenges, which are draining the Nigerian economy, are products of  maladministration of either an individual, as a president, governor, or member of the executive council and the like. This study is a critical discourse of  Esiaba Irobi’s Hangmen also Die, as a remedial measure to cushion the biting effects of the present economic recession, even if it cannot be totally  contained. The study adopts a qualitative research methodology. The study recommends, among other things, that political office holders should be  treated to stage performances at every political retreat, with this metaphorical construct. This is with the view to redirecting their focus on the need for  them to become politically considerate in the art of state craftsmanship to save the nation from future economic downturns and sliding again into  economic depression. 

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