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Surviving economic recession through the production of internet comic skits: The case of Okoi Siphon and David Igwe

Mary Nkechi Okadigwe
Emmanuel Onyekachukwu Ebekue


The economic recession in Nigeria has become a motivation for both positive and negative practices among citizens. Survival is fundamental to man and  so man adapts to changes in his environment in order to survive. Recession in Nigeria has brought with it untold hardship to the Nigerian citizenry and  this has triggered the ingenuity of the common man in a bid to survive the debilitating economic condition. A certain evidence of this is the surging trend  in comic skits that has become ubiquitous in the Nigerian internet space. This article posits that the burgeoned output of comic arts in Nigeria’s  internet space reflects the current economic recession in Nigeria. The researchers used qualitative research methods in unbundling this claim. The study  is hinged on John Marslowe’s ‘Need Theory’.

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