Nigerian values and contemporary popular music: a new look

  • Ebele Ojukwu
  • Elizabeth Obielozie
  • Chinyere Esimone


Music is among the ancient art forms in Africa that has flourished as old as man since ancient African society did not separate their everyday activities from their music. Most music performances in Africa go beyond the frontiers of mere entertainment activity but are geared more towards socio-cultural dimensions due to its ability to socialize, consolidate values and other utilitarian exigencies. In the recent times, the younger generations of Africa seem not to have much enthusiasm for their cultural values due to undue foreign influences. Nigerian contemporary pop music is playing an increasingly pivotal role in shaping the continent’s music scene. This paper seeks to portray contemporary pop music as a paradigmatic approach to enliven and perpetuate positive cultural as well as moral values in the Nigerian youths. The paper argues that contemporary Nigerian music can be employed to connect the African heritage to the world and African youths in diaspora will also have the opportunity to hear, touch, feel and create the musical art even in a distant homeland. It concludes by pointing out the need for Nigerian government to turn towards the entertainment industry and indeed the music industry with the objective of identifying possible avenues for growth in the industry, and for cultural sustainability in Nigeria.

Keywords: Nigerian values, Music industry, Contemporary popular music, Youths and society


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eISSN: 1597-474X