Reactivating Nigerian norms and values through religious studies for national transformation

  • Faith Nkem Okobia
  • Mary I. Okafor
  • Justinia N. Osajie


Reactivating Nigerian norms and values are essential ingredients in the transformation of the nation, because it is a missing link that is breeding moral decadence in the society. Therefore religious education which inculcates good moral values such as honesty, fidelity to one’s duty, love for one’s neighbour and self-discipline should be given a prominent position in the schools. Moral decadence is a pervasive evil that poses great challenge to Nigerians. It is also a national problem with certain destructive tendencies, hence the need for the entrenchment of moral values to salvage the nation from decay. Societal norms and values play important roles in the social lives of individuals and society at large. This is because they deal with values, behaviours and attitudes exhibited and encouraged by members of the society. Thus Religious Education is essential for activating Nigerian moral values in order to infuse sanity into the fast decaying Nigerian’s value system. Morality is an integral part of societal progress and transformation. It is also the life wire of any successful society. In fact a society that is experiencing moral decadence is not only being inactive but indeed sick. The knowledge gotten from religious education will enable one to conform to the societal norms and values, so that he will not be a social deviant. This paper therefore examines the concept of reactivating Nigerian norms and values through religious education for national transformation. A number of recommendations are made which include the inclusion of religious education at all levels of Education and students should be taught the Nigerian norms and values and encourage them to conform to it to avoid being sanctioned or labeled social deviants.


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eISSN: 1597-474X