Leadership styles in the management of Igbo cultural heritage in pre-European era

  • Ngozi Ezenagu


Leadership in most Igbo communities during the pre-colonial era was based on consultative assembly of the council of elders following after the then culture of the Igbos which does not recognize “kingship”. The dominance of cultural precepts sustained the longevity of Igbo cultural heritage at that time. At present, these heritages are exposed to extinction with the importation of colonial vestiges into Igbo culture. Consequently, Igbo cultural identity is gradually disappearing. To redress this, it is imperative to study one of the management techniques “leadership style” under which these heritages flourished in the past. Therefore, this study focuses on leadership style most appropriate for the successful management of Igbo cultural heritage. The data used for the research were elicited from oral interview and other written literatures related to the subject matter.

Keywords: Igbo, Pre-European era, cultural heritage, leadership styles, socio-political organisation


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eISSN: 1597-474X