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Nollywood interventions in Niger delta oil conflicts: a study of Jeta Amata's Black November

Emmanuel Onyekachukwu Ebekue, Michael Chidubem Nwoye


The discovery of oil in Oloibiri town in the Niger Delta region of southern Nigeria in 1956 has brought with it myriads of problems to the region. There has been lingering crisis in the region which has led to repeated loss of lives and properties. There have been countless efforts at finding a permanent solution to the conflict. However, there seems to be a renewed agitation and restiveness resulting from the stoppage of the amnesty program that was instituted by the late President YarAdua’s federal government. It is against this background that the researcher embarked on this work in order to critically x-ray Nollywood’s contribution to the peace effort with a special attention to JetaAmata’s Black November (2012). The researcher used the case study approach of the qualitative research method in analyzing his data. Findings from the research showed that any solution to the lingering crisis aimed at long term must adopt a populist approach.

Keywords: Nollywood, Niger Delta, Oil, Conflict, Intervention

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