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Robert Nozick’s rectification principle as a plausible complement to the fight against corruption in Nigeria

Osita Nnajiofor, Geoffrey Chidi Onyebuchi


Nigeria, Africa’s most populous nation has gained unprecedented global attention on account of her dismal records in corruption. The negative effects of these on her image are enormous. Notwithstanding her huge human and material potentials, she lies prostrate behind other developing nations. This paper examines corruption in Nigeria and its deplorable effect to the development and image of the country. It attempts to use Robert Nozick’s entitlement principle as a prescription to complement the fight against corruption in Nigeria by the anti-graft agencies. To achieve this, this paper employs an analytic method to examine the meaning of corruption. It also attempts to review earlier solutions proffered by eminent scholars on the fight against corruption. Finally, it employs the rectification principle of Robert Nozick to complement the fight against corruption in Nigeria. This paper prescribes the need for value shift on the citizen’s quest for material acquisitions and concludes that there is urgent need for rectification of all ill-gotten and unjust acquisitions by past and present office holders that are found guilty by the anti-graft agencies. This will bring sanity back to Nigeria’s governance and polity.

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