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Nigeria public policy making culture and historical research: A synergy for adequate distribution of values

Emmanuel Orihentare Eregare


The seeming uneven culture on distribution of resources in Nigerian polity to the various ethnic groups calls for adequate attention on the use of cause-and-effect tools. This inequity phenomenon has left the nation with the national question on how there could be equity in shared values among the citizenry. Hence, this study, appraises the effectiveness of public policy framing culture, its implementation and evaluation in 21st century Nigeria, devoid of historical research. I, therefore, argue that historical research is a viable resource for effective public policymaking, distribution of resources, and the need for sensible shared values to the Nigerian citizens. Secondary method of data collection is employed in this study as relevant literatures with selected internet sources were reviewed and Advocacy theory was adopted as framework of analysis. This paper suggests that historical research is one of the veritable tools for policymaking, implementation, and evaluation if explored adequately.

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