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Philosophy and the attitude of Nigerian Government to COVID-19 Pandemic

Nnamdi ThankGod Nwagbo


This research investigates government’s attitude in relation to Covid-19 Pandemic in Nigeria. It also accesses the policy and how the presidency that enacted Covid-19 laws was the one that bused it. The same government that made provisions for palliative to alleviate hunger and for empowerment in the heat of the ravaging pandemic were the one that hijacked it and converted the aforesaid palliative for their private us. A Hermeneutical Approach will be employed in accessing and interpreting how the attitude and policy of the presidency has so far encouraged despotism, corruption, selfcenteredness, mistrust, agitations for self-determination, militias, banditry, kidnapping and so on. This vicious element has hindered Nigeria from making any reasonable progress having the amalgamation of 1914 as its primary cause. This paper establishes that government attitude in relation to Covid-19 pandemic has both positive and negative effect on the economy and Health Sector in Nigeria. This study exposes the porosity and dilapidation of Nigeria’s Health sector (the urgent need for Nigerian government to fund and equip health sector which is presently synonymous with mortuary), it also suggests that the government of the Federation should make haste to reviving Nigeria’s economy which is at the verge of collapsing; the government should be transparent in their dealings and should treat any case of corruption without sentiment or bias; government should make plans to solving the problem of high rate of unemployment in Nigeria; every insecurity challenge should be addressed.