Characteristics, predictors and prospects of lung function among male cigarette smokers in Sokoto Metropolis, North-West Nigeria

  • Muhammad D Isah
  • Muhammad A Makusidi
  • Aminu Abbas
  • Juliana U Okpapi
  • Chibueze H Njoku
  • Abdullahi A Abba
Keywords: Determinants, pack-years, tobacco use, ventilatory function


Background: Cigarette smoking is a major risk factor for airflow limitation in addition to its other multi-systemic deleterious effects. Peak expiratory flow (PEF) measurement offers an opportunity to assess ventilatory function abnormalities in cigarette smokers.
Objective: The objective of this study is to determine ventilatory function using peak expiratory flow rate among adult male cigarette smokers in comparison with matched predicted value.
Methodology: This is a cross-sectional study among 150 current cigarette smokers aged 18-60years that were consecutively sampled in Sokoto metropolis. Peak expiratory flow was measured using Mini Wright’s Peak Flow Meter and adapted questionnaire was used to record all measurements and relevant data. Comparison was made between the measured and predicted peak expiratory flow rate.
Result: A total of 150 male subjects who were predominantly below the age of 40years (76%) with mean age of 34.27±8.91years participated in this study. The mean pack-years and cigarette smoking index were 8.71±8.92 and 163.98±192.62, respectively. While the mean age of cigarette smoking commencement was 16.90±4.17years (9-36years).The mean measured PEF was 405.63±76.5 with the age group mean consistently decreasing with advancing age. Similarly, the difference between measured PEF and predicted PEF was significant and the magnitude of difference increased with advancing age. There was a negative correlation between PEF and pack-years smoked.
Conclusion: Cigarette smoking is associated with decline in ventilatory function. The intensity of cigarette smoking and advancing age were the main predictors that determine the airflow status among cigarette smokers.

Keywords: Determinants, pack-years, tobacco use, ventilatory function


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eISSN: 1115-0521