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Obstructive Adenoid Hypertrophy in the Adult: A Case Report

F Orji, I Okorafor, V Ofoegbu, I.A Ilechukwu


Case definition: Adenoidal enlargement is a common paediatric problem. The adenoid vegetation most usually involutes between the ages of 10-12 years, and rarely persists into adult life. Objective: To highlight the significance of adenoid vegetation as a differential diagnosis of nasal obstruction in adults. Case Report: This paper presents a case of persistent symptomatic obstructive adenoid vegetation in a 23 year old Nigerian adult female student. Conclusion: Although adenoidal tissue normally undergoes involution during late childhood period, it may persist into adult life and present as a cause of nasal obstruction.

Keywords: Obstructive adenoid vegetation, Symptomatic, Adult.
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